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I love reading! It is definitely my favorite (and most expensive) hobby. I never leave the house without either a book or an e-reader (My Kindle is my favorite). I read all sorts of romance stories, historical to futuristic, mainstream to erotic, m/f to m/m. Some of my favorites include paranormals, BDSM, menages, and so much more.

Grabbed by Vicious: 1 (Grabbed)

Grabbed by Vicious - Lolita Lopez GRABBED BY VICIOUSby Lolita LopezHallie had never wanted to be part of the “grab” where her planet agrees to supply women for breeding to the Harcos warriors. But because she was trying to protect her sister, who became pregnant out of wedlock, she ends up in the grab. She tried as hard as she could to successfully navigate to the safe zone so that she would be released from the obligation of mating with one of the Harcos warriors. However, with one look Vicious was determined to have her. He had worked his whole life to rise in the ranks of the military to earn the right to participate in the grab and have a family of his own. Once Vicious caught Hallie, he quickly collared her and claimed her as “Mine”. The beginning of the relationship of Hallie and Vicious was rocky, to say the least. The two characters had very different backgrounds and histories so things did not go smoothly, Vicious lived up to his name until he saw fear in Hallie’s eyes. Vicious quickly realized that he wanted to protect Hallie and make her happy and set out to learn about her, her past, her village, etc. The story does have a great relationship development in it. I loved watching Hallie & Vicious learn about each other and fall in love. The secondary characters were wonderful also. I loved Menace and Terror and am looking forward to getting to read their stories. (I won an eBook copy of this story from the author but the review is completely my own honest opinion)