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I love reading! It is definitely my favorite (and most expensive) hobby. I never leave the house without either a book or an e-reader (My Kindle is my favorite). I read all sorts of romance stories, historical to futuristic, mainstream to erotic, m/f to m/m. Some of my favorites include paranormals, BDSM, menages, and so much more.

Demon's Caress (Demon Heat, #1)

Demon's Caress (Demon Heat, #1) - Crystal Jordan This book by Crystal Jordan is HOT! Maron is the lucky demon offered not just one, but TWO sexy demon guys to have and share. Maron, Raum, & Kobal are all demon hunters who are sent to suck the souls from truly evil humans. Her boss wants her to form a triad bond with these two hotties, to increase the power and make all three better hunters, but her past makes Maron very opposed to partnering, much less bonding, with males. Can Raum & Kobal convince her that bonding with them would only make things better for all. If you enjoy sexy paranormal erotic romances, especially with hot guys who enjoy each other as well as their female, you will love this short, scorching read. I know I am looking forward to more books in this series.